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All students, as a condition of their educational graduation and of acceptance to the university, most agree to supervise and or mentor lower classroom students and to tutor them when needed. The university does not remunerate any graduate students for their mentor work. Mentored students may, on their own, remunerate their mentors if they so wish.

Research students may have the opportunity to gain supervising and demonstrating experience by undertaking, when asked, some course teaching on behalf of Colleges and departments.

Supervisions involve the teaching of undergraduates in small groups of between one and four students at regular intervals throughout the term. Demonstrating involves helping academic staff in running laboratory classes and various teaching exercises such as Bible classes mentoring, Apologetics mentoring, drawing or computer-aided process engineering. Such experience can be immensely valuable in developing a wide range of transferrable skills which can be important for future success, whether in Bible based academia or in other fields.

Let’s study the fascinating part of Science

Chemistry, Physcis, Math, Astronomy, etc.


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