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Strictly Observable Science

(Caveats and Disclosure:  HawaiiOnlineUniversity.org is not an accredited institution by the Dept of Hawaii of any other regulatory organization in the USA. We are simply a tutor oriented organization.)

Hawaii On Line University is a tutor based website whose teachings are based on True Science, Ethics, and Judeo-Christian principles.

We are an On Line tutor based program based in, Hawaii.

Our Motto is: “From Information to Man©® (Meaningful Information to Man).

(This is a copyrighted statement that belongs to HawaiiOnLineUniversity.org)

Image courtesy of Haggai Institue In addition to her clinical work in neurobiology, Dr. Tancheva also supervises several students and PhD candidates.

Our Instructors

The Chairman and founder of Hawaii On Line University has taught at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, as well as Chaminade University in Honolulu, and other reputable universities for over 20 years.

We have also taught home-schooled students in all STEM subjects.  Subjects taught include Computer Science, Digital Engineering design, Computer Applications, STEM based subjects, Math, Calculus, Pre Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Ophthalmic and Hearing science practices https://mauihomeschool.blogspot.com/p/my-credentials.html

The Chairman has also conducted, both On Line and live, in person,  STEM based and Computer Science classes in South America in the Spanish Language to businesses, and at the Navy Officer’s School in Ecuador.

What you will be tutored on what you will learn ?

You will be tutored in the ways of pragmatism and scientific truth. Never on extrapolating,  conjectures, that have little and absolutely no foundation in today’s educational system, which have nevertheless hijacked the “modern world” of science. (Prof. Louis Bounoure, 1984).

We will never teach philosophical concepts that are “starved of observational evidence as there is no credible mechanism for macroevolution and the evidence they claim in support of it is totally equivocal.”

Since we are research-based school and not a religious organization we can afford to be completely dispassionate about, scientific, and or other beliefs. Therefore, we adhere to teachings that are only in harmony with, time proven, conservative* based repeatable science and ethics.

Since we have done extensive scientific and other research, we have also done studies on the original history and beliefs of most early scientists.

We are no different than the Founders of early modern science- such as Johannes Kleper, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, James Prescott Joule, John Dalton, William Morley, George Stokes, Dr. William Prout, Thomas Aquinas, Louis Pasteur,Gregor Mendel, Charles Stine, James Maxwell, and countless other late-nineteen and earlier century scientists – who acknowledged that a rational mind is behind the order, and design, of the Universe (Meyer, 2009) and (Plourde, McManamy, Snyder, Meier, & Simpson, 2014), (Armstrong, 2008).

Our core structure is based on the natural science courses. We excel in Math, Chemistry, Physics, Genetics, Biology, Medicine and Pre-Medine based disciplines among others.

It is also our intention to tutor, and help students reach their Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Chemical and Bio-Medical engineering that ultimately lead to medical and research degrees.

Trades Degrees and Certificates

We will tutor to help students get their Medical Assistant degrees and certificates that lead to careers in the medical field such as Ophthalmic assistants, technicians, scribes and hearing aid specialists.

We use guidelines of reputable organizations such as JCAHPO, the  International Hearing Society. and the AOC, American Orthoptic Council https://www.orthoptics.org/aoc-ce-guidelines  We are NOT associated in any way with any of the above institutions, however, we follow closely and direct our students to their resources when obtaining any of the above certificates, in addition to our course of studies in the Natural Sciences.

*By “convervative” we mean, not-religious, but Judeo-Christian based ethics and tenets. Under no circumstance we deviate from  the principles stated by said ethics.

Our Composition and Mixture

We are looking for parents, professors, scientists, engineers and truth seeking students, who see the urgent need to propagate the truth about science and how intelligent, meaningful information, not chance, led to the origins and arrival of man (Meyer, 2009).

We see and read every day, with dismay – evidence that most of us and our children are being “bullied” – by the government, most universities and schools, self promoting movements or campaigns, and even other prominent leaders, Christians, non-Christians, religious and political influential figures – into believing, unethical, unproven and unscientific teachings as “facts” that are contrary to True Science, conservative* ethics and Bible based, human nature.

We have finally come to realize that ourselves, and our children, are being forced and taught hypothesis, theories, force fed and – tested- to accept life styles, concepts and ideas – that are in complete disagreement with Judeo-Christian teachings, and reproducible scientific facts.

We do not accept nor teach unproven theories based on guess work and extrapolation that have nothing to do with the real scientific world and practical applications.

We can see, easily that textbooks, science books, biology manuals, strata theories, paleontology, theories of light, fossil forensics, physics, chemistry, and science in general change every year or so, with a new edition or sometimes with a new, albeit faulty “evolutionary” theory. Thus, we adhere to textbooks that have stability and scientific repeatability. Our programs include no guess work, no unproven theoretical guesses.

True Scientists are great discoverers, and hard working humans, and in general have made marvelous advancement in every field, however, some of the new theories are out of line with reality, factual science, totally fallible and in need of correction on a constant basis (ie: theory of  Variable Speed of Light).

On the other hand, the Universe is ummutable and reliable-there is no guesswork. The laws of chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, mathematics, biology do not change. They are exact. Otherwise, the Universe would not exist (Wile, Dr., 2017, p. 268).

Thus, ourselves, our children and we, as parents, must be prepared to bravely and emphatically defend the Scientific axioms based on unquestionable facts.

The only proper way to do this is through – Facts based Science education – and Indisputable research and findings that includes Chemistry, Physics, Genetics, Biology, Information Science and DNA Research based on observable and reproducible facts.

If we and our children are properly educated, we will be equipped to “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” and based on knowledge.

The acquisition and pursuit of true knowledge never ends. We are committed to constantly learn and continue researching true and observable science that is based on reproducible facts.

Our Mentors and Predecessors

Thousands of brilliant and accomplished scientists have already seen the need to stand up for true reproducible science.

Those whom we emulate at our University are Scientists like Dr. Lyubka Tancheva  who is an “Associate professor of neuropharmacology at the International of Microbiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Lyubka’s area of research is experimental neuropharmacology. She’s head of a team searching for neuropharmacological agents that can change and improve learning and memory.”

The most basic tenets and root of our institution are based on the following statement of belief: Core Tenets

Our Mission

Hawaii On Line University, and The Hawai’i School of True Science (HSTS) Academy is a private, tutor based organization (under Computer Integrations, Inc, founded in 2001 in the State of Hawaii). The mission of this Academy is to help educate early students and young students bound for universities, in person and on line -including virtual university and home schoolers – in order to promote true scientific research & education that will propagate to the rest of the world.

This Tutoring Academy is dedicated to develop programs and research for the sciences and learning communities based on True Science and -Research Based on Observations- and not on scientism.


Our vision is to see True Science vindicated once again and to correct lack of evidence thinking, so that all children, from K – 12, to university and doctoral students all over the world, who want to learn the truth about life’s origins with True Facts -will do so without being confused into believing, made up theories and ideas – that are based on unprovable science – and questionable “facts”.

* Scientism: The belief that secular based science is the only reliable source of Truth (Axe, 2016).


The principal of Hawaii On Line University have taught at the University of Hawaii STEM based subjects, and at various other schools and universities in the USA and South America.

We welcome you to find the Truth about Science.

Hawaii On-Line University.org


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Dr. Tancheva has also created an organization comprised of young Christian Ph.D. students called Good Future and Hope.

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(II Timothy 4:4)


*We strictly adhere to the Judeo-Christian based ethics and tenets

Nature Magazine stated:“Some attempts to account for the origin of life on the Earth, however ingenious, have shared much with imaginative literature and little with theoretical inference of the kind which can be confronted with observational evidence of some kind or another” (Nature, ND).

Our science based tutoring programs, which by necessity include life origins, is strictly based on facts of observational, reproducible and proven Science. Therefore, we de-emphasize and completely negate fable theories regarding the “Evolution of Man”, as many well accomplished modern scientists do (Thaxton, ND).

We are part of thousands of  scientists who have a high regard for true science and the Universe we live in. http://www.haggai-international.org/stories/lyubka-tancheva/ 

“Evolutionists tell the public that the science behind evolution is the same science that sent people to the moon and cures diseases. It’s not”.

“The science behind evolution is not empirical, but forensic. Because evolution [supposedly] took place in history, its scientific investigations are after the fact—no testing, no observations, no repeatability, no falsification, nothing at all like physics…. this is what the public discerns—that evolution is just a bunch of just-so stories disguised as legitimate science” (Morris, Ph.D, 2006).

As part of our vision and mission, No student, instructor or staff will divert their instruction, learning or studies from the above mission and purpose.

Hawaii On Line University IS NOT ACCREDITED




Updated Sept 24th, 2018.

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