Core Tenets

Basic Principles and Tenets of Our Scientific Institution

  • The physical universe of space, time, matter, and energy were impossible to come about by chance.

The phenomenon of biological life’s creation and beginning did not develop by natural processes from a single cells, nor from inanimate systems, but from intelligent information (Meyer, 2009) and (Gen 1:1-31).

Each of the major kinds of plants and animals was infused with a distinct code of Information, recently, and functionally complete from the beginning.  Not a single one of these organisms evolved from some other kind of organism.

Changes in basic kinds of information since their first “coding” are limited to “horizontal” DNA and nucleotide changes (variations) within the kinds. These are properly classified and universally accepted as adaptations and or “downward” changes (e.g., harmful mutations, extinctions). Gen 1:12

The first human beings did not evolve, from any single cells or “primordial soup” which thereby developed into a human animal ancestry, but were specially infused with repeatable and reproducible information in a capsule, referred to as DNA.

Humans were created in fully human form from the start. Furthermore, there is an “informational” nature coding in man (self-image, moral consciousness, abstract reasoning, language, will, religious nature, etc.) which in itself makes man an intelligently created entity distinct from any other human and any other created life. Gen 1:26

The record of our short earth history, as preserved in its geological mantle, crust, and inner structure, especially in the rocks and fossil deposits, is primarily a record of natural processes, operating largely within uniform natural laws, rather than one of gradualism (Uniformitarianism) and relatively slow process rates (Gift, 2008).

That, there are many scientific evidences for a relatively recent formation or creation of the earth and the universe, in addition to strong scientific evidence that most of the earth’s fossiliferous sedimentary rocks were formed in an event, as recent as by a global Flood, approximately 4,000 years ago.

That evidence of these recent formations is seen in the most recent eruptions in Hawaii, where we operate out of, particularly eruptions in Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

That evidence of jagged valleys and crust formations, water pressure in the peaks in Island of Maui, in addition to blue rock formations next to lava, and other findings, are evidence of recent formations in the geological aspects of the mountains in this same Island (As early as 4,000 years ago). (In addition, this is a subject of continuous research for all new and old students.)

  • That all natural processes today operate primarily within fixed natural laws and relatively uniform process rates, but since these were themselves originally started and are daily maintained by a personable Engineering-Intelligent Person, there could be, at times, quantum step modifications and interventions of these laws or processes


  • That, had the speed of light been infinite at the time of the universe’s creation, or in its one way trajectory, (as Einstein eluded, as defined by the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention (ASC), as some modern day scientists sustain), then it would not matter how far the most distant objects, measured by today’s standards might seem to be (Oberhaus, 2016a).  (ASC, as established in the technical literature.) ASC (Sarkar & Stachel, 1999).

*Anisotropic: “Physics Having properties that differ according to the direction of measurement.”

  • That, if light was infinitely fast at T0 (T-zero) time of creation*, or one-way-infinite-speed, due to Anisotropic properties, then 14.5 billion light years of time to reach us, according to today’s present speed of light (300,000 km/second or 300 million meters/sec), would only be a matter of an instant, to go from one part of the universe to us here on Earth. (Magueijo, 2003) and (Lisle, 2015)
  • That, the implications are serious, as Uniformitarianism would cease to have a place in today’s evolutionary theories and would give way to the actual and correct fact substantiating a historical account of a universal Flood, and rapid Creation showing that indeed the universe, and humans are recent advents and not billions of years old as uniformitarianists would have us believe.
  • Since the universe and its primary components were designed perfectly for their purposes in the beginning by a competent and free will Intelligent-Engineer, and since the Source of this Creation does remain active, in the presently-decaying situation, there does exist ultimate purpose and meaning in the universe.


  • Although people’s knowledge and wisdom are finite and scientific data concerning Earth’s and the Universe origins are difficult to comprehend, and incomplete, the human mind has been given the ability, is able and capable of exploring the manifestations of an Intelligent Origin in a rational, scientifically, and teleologically manner. This is totally un-like the rest of the animal world who does not have such ability to reason about life, the universe, math, physics, biology or intelligence’ origin.

The owners, management, and staff at Hawaii On Line University, and Hawaii School of True Science Academy are science oriented teachers who come from no particular denominational backgrounds. They hold all original Judeo-Christian fundamentals, foundational ethics and structure in common.


Main Articles of Faith

As a research and educational organization the founders of this institution do not believe in a Tri-Une God (Trinity of God), neither do we believe and or accept the belief in a Fiery Hell. Extensive research on our part has shown that both of these doctrines are not Biblical and were incorporated in the second century that were the fruit of political and philosophical convictions. Thus, we do not accept either of these beliefs.


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Speed of Light Philosophies

Einstein knew about this and even proclaimed that the one-way speed of light is not a feature of nature but rather a human preference. This principle was later used by Jason Lisle, who defined it as the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention.

Anisotropic Synchrony Convention (ASC) states that the one way speed of light can be simply nothing more than that imposed by human preference. Thus, it could be infinite.

According to Wikipedia: Two way Speed of light: 299,792,458 metres per second or 300,000 km/s (186,000 mi/s)

*Some physicists refuse the idea of light being infinitely fast at T0 (T-zero) time of creation due to incongruent results effects in relativistic calculations. (2011). Principles of Scientific Creationism. Retrieved July 7, 2018, from


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