Doctoral Studies at Hawaii On Line University, are Rigorous studies.  Doctoral and other Studies at Hawaii On Line University, are strictly scholarly. And they are based on the teachings of Jesus the Nazarene, the MOST extant versions of the Scriptures, and not on any established religion, doctrine, tradition, teachings or denomination.

We do not study any particular religion, its tradition or religious conviction. Do not assume that a religion or a particular branch or conviction of Christianity will be studied or given preference in these studies. We are an educational Bible principles, and apologetic values based Christian college and school. We are ahead by hundreds of years in biblical teachings and apologia.

If you are offended by the idea that the tradition or doctrine of “Trinity” is being discussed and or studied here, by other well understood reputable religious leaders, and or scientific and scholarly  figures such as Newton, Rob Iliffe and others, you may want to reconsider your studies. “Newton had attained a mastery of the primary historical materials relating to the first few centuries of Christianity very early in his career, and he was no theological dilettante.”

“It is because he applied these principles to his writings on theology, and devoted so much time and effort to them, that they cannot be considered as half-baked musings. Whatever credence we give to his religious researches today, they were the products of the same brilliant, rational, and intellectually daring analyst who contributed so much to science and mathematics.” (Rob Iliffe, 2015)

Keep in mind that any degree leading up to a doctoral degree with Hawaii On Line University College of the Bible is a rigorous, dispassionate study of the Scriptures, as they were found since the beginning of its writings.  We study facts- and original Christianity, as practiced and taught by the original creators of it- Jesus of Nazareth, and those who lived with and next to him, his originally appointed Apostles.

We study the earliest, most extant versions of papyrus and or manuscripts of the Bible, as preserved by chance or divine will. We do this in order to arrive at a scholarly, non denominational understanding of the Bible and early Christianity as a way of Life. We apply logic to our learning and teaching, not emotionalism or tradition driven by fear.

Anything less than this approach would be considered a washed down approach of a doctoral degree in any of the subjects discussed here.

Doctorate and or any other Degree Program offered under Online Education Program will equip you with the proper training in order to serve your ministry or your professional life and to gain knowledge on a higher educational level in the apologetics and biblical studies.

We study the values and teaching from, what many consider to be, one of the Greatest Teachers to walk on Earth. We study His values as taught 2,000 years ago. We study how those values guide us as as a society and we study how that may improve our spiritual lives. We leave aside, religious interpretations and traditions and choose to study His teachings, His values, His earliest teachings and practices, including the rest of the Scriptures, and how they affect modern day society.

We go back as far as the very First Century AD and not just the year the Council of Nicaea (325 C.E) (Christianity had corrupted by then) when most modern day religious, fear-driven creeds and some heretical beliefs were born for fear of retributions. Matt 7:15

By continuing with Registration and Matriculation, I agree with Hawaii On Line Bible College policies of Christian education, and I am aware of its caveats as shown above.

Student’s worldview of theological matters will not affect grading and or graduation from any program, at all.


Basic Principles and Tenets of Our Bible Based College & Scientific Institution



Newton’s unorthodox theology and his project to restore Christianity

Did the Apostles Believe in the Trinity?

Ritenbaugh (1995) said, The Catholic Encyclopedia has openly admitted that the Old Testament has no teaching on the Trinity at all, and additionally that the New Testament had no clear statement affirming it. They admitted that the doctrine of the Trinity is developed by what they called “Christological speculation.”

Recognized Sources on the origin of the Trinity doctrine