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Hawaii On-Line University Bachelor’s Degree Tutoring Program

We are NOT accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

(Caveats and Disclosure: is not an accredited institution by the Dept of Hawaii of any other regulatory organization in the USA or in South America. We are simply a tutor oriented organization. Thank you)

Hawaii On-Line University offers self-tutoring subjects that may help you obtain a Bachelor’s degrees in a variety of academic fields. Our subjects will allow student to excel in such matters as business, criminal justice, science, medicine, and technology. Our self-taught subjects will, ultimately equip you with the proper training that are required to be competitive in your professional life.

Hawaii On-Line University, presents self-taught subjects that will help our students to graduate with an education in the sciences. Select the one of the subjects that best suits your academic interests and background.

See the Catalog for a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree Tutoring Program

If you register with any accredited university, once you have your Associate degree program under your belt, you can go on to completion of your engineering degree. Click on the above link to see our Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s Program

Associate-to-Bachelor’s degree program is for all those students who have already completed their Associate degree and want to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program depends on each university. We are NOT able to provide diplomas nor degrees. We simply provide tutoring services. Thank you.

Type of Fee Amount Payment Due
Application Fee $tbd At the time of application.
Technology Fee $tbd At the time of application.
Course fee $tbd Per Credit Hour. Tuition is due two weeks prior to the start date of each course.
Late Payment Fee $tbd Upon notification.
Graduation Audit Fee $tbd When an application for graduation is submitted.

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