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Associate of Arts in Apologia & Biblical Studies

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*All candidates for Associate of Arts Degrees need a total of 60 credits for graduation. Minimum passing grade for this program is “C”.

Requirement Courses / Min Hours Details
Total # of Courses 8 courses (40 Hours) Core & Electives
Thesis/ Project in Ministry 20 Hours Credit 40-60 pages
Core Course Req’d Minimum 5 Only Authorized Texts
Electives Courses Maximum 3 Only-Authorized Texts or Material

Our Associate degree programs equip you with the proper knowledge required to be competitive in the ministry, and bible based educational life.

Please Note that : FREE Tuition does not include any of the required textbooks. You may purchase any textbook required for this program at your favorite book dealer or  


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Associate of Arts Degree Costs

In this Associate Degree Program you will cover the complete general education requirements. This is the basic associate degree program.

Type of Fee Amount Payment Due
Application Fee $50 * At the time of application. NON-REFUNDABLE- See conditions
Reactivation Fee $100

If program is not finished within 2 years, and student decides to reactivate program of study

Tuition fee $0 Free- During the course of your studies. See CONDITIONS
1 copy of Official Transcripts
$ 100 Upon notification.
Graduation  Fee $150 When an application for graduation is submitted. Cost of Diploma. Plus contracted cost for certification with our university.


Deferred Tuition. Study FREE until you finish your program. SEE CONDITIONS* Conditions

You do NOT have to pay anything, unless you decide to ORDER your diploma and obtain Certification of studies Completion of the chosen program from HawaiiOnLine


Note Important: Tuition DOES NOT include any core or electives textbooks. Does not include any seminars with Harvard University. (These electives must be paid by you)

All textbook or additional material must be purchased by you, on your own expense, at your desired book distributor or if you like via


The Associate of Arts in Biblical Research & Studies degree is aimed for a beginning student of the Bible. This program will enable the student or approved candidate to start learning and immerse in the studies of the area of evangelism, missionary work, and a leading role in a church to help them grow strong in the Christian work and training.

The program consists of eight courses, developed via reading and research through assigned textbooks which are the equivalent of forty hours of study, and a ministry project, which is the equivalent of twenty hours of study. It also includes a distance learning course from Harvard University. Texts will need to be selected from the list of Authorized Textbooks shown below. You may, if so liked, order all textbooks all at once, in order to start getting ahead. However, all assignments must be submitted FIRST one by one, or one at a time.

Once a textbook is read, the associate candidate must submit a minimum of a 10 page paper describing in your own words what was studied and be submitted for grading. A minimum of 10-20 page paper is required for each elective textbook or course work with Harvard University.

Candidate  students must write a summary of the carefully read material during their book studies, and allow time to “incubate” for a small period of time. This includes reflection of the material just read. Proper English with proper grammar and syntax must be observed.

*DO NOT USE Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps like ChatGPT as that may constitute plagiarism.

* Grading of papers may include our administration use of tools such as “grammarly” and other technical tools.  (Student agrees, hereby to the use of such tools, as a condition of this program of study).

Minimum passing grade is “C”.

Final work: Subsequently, the student must submit a 10 page paper as a written ministry project. Please use the “Chicago style” or references and writing.

Please review the article How to Submit Your Work to Us tab where details are described concerning submission of assignments.


The Associate of Arts in Biblical Research & Studies degree program requires a total of 60 hours. This is comprised of eight courses (40 hours) plus a ministry project (20 hours). Four of the eight required courses, must be core courses chosen from the list of Authorized See list of Textbooks provided below.

One of the electives MUST be from a course from “Ivy League University”, This course is $ 149 dollars and you must obtain a certificate of completion from them, submit it to us in order to be given credit for it. This elective is worth 5 credits towards your degree.

Up to three of the eight required courses may be electives. Electives may be chosen from the Electives Page. Please note that, Alternate courses/textbooks may not be utilized.

All previously passed or taken Courses/Textbooks may not be utilized for more than one degree program.

* Hawaii On Line University reserves the right to issue any certificate of completion or degree diploma to any one, unless you have completed to our satisfaction (Hawaii On Line University’s) the required program of study and capstone (if any) thesis requirements.

*All Students must provide proper ID throughout their course AND AT THE COMPLETION of their studies in order to verify their proper student Identity before any DIPLOMA is issued.


A Manual for Writers of Research Papers 

Recommended Textbook prepares you for proper English writing and papers submission. (This textbooks may be used towards one of your electives (5 credits).

1) Exploring Creation With Astronomy (Young Explorer Series).by Jeannie K. Fulbright (Author) [exerpt: How did God create the cosmos? This book covers the major structures of our solar system, starting with the sun and working towards Pluto. Along the way, the student will also learn about Earth s moon, the asteroid belt, and the Kuiper belt. After that, students will move outside our solar system and learn about the stars and galaxies that make up God’s incredible universe.]

2) Guide to Dinosaurs. Hardcover- July 1, 2015

by Institute for Creation Research (Author). [Dinosaurs were amazing creatures. From the time the first dinosaur bones were unearthed, the story of these unusual animals has captivated both the young and old. We continue to learn more about them from the fossil record, but there are still many questions ]

3) Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Notebooking Journal. Special-bound-December 30, 2010. by Jeannie K. Fulbright (Author).

[These Notebooking Journals are a perfect compliment to the Exploring Creation series, serving to increase each student’s retention of the material they encounter throughout the course and providing an economical means for you to create a beautiful keepsake of their learning. ]

4) Introductory Logic: The Fundamentals of Thinking Well Student Edition (Canon Logic) Paperback – July 30, 2014. by Canon Logic Series (Author)

[“Logic should be your secret weapon. It’s the tool for learning how to use other tools. It’s the bones that give a clenched fist its structure (and knuckles). With that in mind, we have painstakingly designed Introductory Logic for everyday students, teachers, and parents” ]

5) The Call of the Wild Paperback – July 1, 1990. by Jack London (Author).

Review of this book will help students who may or may not have read this book with English writing as expected of an Associate Degree graduate. Chicago style writing is expected to be used. It prepares you to write future sermons for delivery to your parishioners.

[The Call of the Wild, considered by many to be Jack London’s greatest novel, is a gripping survival story of a heroic dog that, thrust into the brutal life of the Alaska Gold Rush, ultimately faces a choice between living in man’s world and returning to nature.]

6) Christianity Through Its Scriptures. A course about the history of Christianity directly from Harvard University. This course will give you a certificate of completion from Harvard. It will upgrade your education as an associate of arts graduate, showing your ability to compete with Ivey League students. Simple course. Just watch videos and read material.

[you will “learn about Christianity through a study of its sacred scriptures. You explore how diverse Christians have interpreted these writings and practiced their teachings over a 2000 year, global history. Learn about Christianity through a study of its sacred scriptures. You will explore how diverse Christians have interpreted these writings and practiced their teachings over a 2000 year, global history”]. No textbook required. ve interpreted these writings and practiced their teachings over a 2000 year, global history.

7) Electives

Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice and Evaluation. 1st Edition. By Allen Rubin (Author)

[“Learn statistics the easy way with STATISTICS FOR EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND EVALUATION! Easy-to-read and practical, this social work text provides you with a step-by-step guide that will help you succeed in statistics. Studying is made easy with practice illustrations, examples, exercises, and a book-specific website that contains frequently asked questions, tutorial quizzes, and links to online resources. Practical examples provide you with the opportunity to see how and when data analysis and statistics are used in practice”].

8) Electives.

Mastering the Art of Teaching; A Principle Based Approach Paperback – August 11, 2011. by Jim Turner (Author), 1stworld Publishing (Creator), 1stworld Library (Editor).

A course/book designed to future ministers that will develop their art of teaching from the pulpit, at home, with children and adults.

[“The Principles of Teaching represents …. the art of teaching …. The principles included in the book are meant to be both a practical guide and an inspiration to teachers who are just entering the profession.Teachers at any stage of their career may find this book useful”.]


9) Christianity Through Its Scriptures. A Harvard led virtual course

What you’ll learn

  • What’s in the Bible, the book containing the sacred scriptures of Christians.
  • An overview of contents with a focus on diverse interpretations of well-known passages.
  • Exploration of select themes, such as how Christians approach diversity, attitudes toward non-Christian traditions, existential questions of suffering and violence, the encounter with modern science, the roles of women, liturgical time and pilgrimage.”
  • A minimum of 10-20 page paper is required for each elective textbook or course work with Harvard University.


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