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Multivariable Calculus offered by MIT under the Creative Commons License

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Graph of an eighth of a sphere.

Directional derivatives for functions of two variables. (Image courtesy of John B. Lewis.)


Prof. Denis Auroux



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This course covers differential, integral and vector calculus for functions of more than one variable. These mathematical tools and methods are used extensively in the physical sciences, engineering, economics and computer graphics.

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Click to get started.The materials have been organized to support independent study. The website includes all of the materials you will need to understand the concepts covered in this subject. The materials in this course include:

  • Lecture Videos recorded on the MIT campus
  • Recitation Videos with problem-solving tips
  • Examples of solutions to sample problems
  • Problem for you to solve, with solutions
  • Exams with solutions
  • Interactive Java Applets (“Mathlets”) to reinforce key concepts

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