About Free Courses

About our Free Courses !

Hawaii On Line University observes and aligns with Creative Commons License, which states:

Image courtesy of MIT.

You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.


And, as established by some of the creators of FREE Open Course Ware such as MIT, Hawaii On Line University, an on-line university portal that distributes learning and educational material, is able to list and offer for FREE relevant courses that are free to the Internet community and on line learner as legally allowed under such “Creative Commons License.”

Furthermore, some distributors of free courses, including MIT Open Course Ware web page states:

“MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), …..makes the course materials used in the teaching of all MIT undergraduate and graduate subjects available on the Web, free of charge, to any user in the world. Educators utilize the materials for curriculum development, while students and self-learners around the globe use them for self-study or supplementary use. With more than 2,000 courses now available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.” (Emphasis ours).  https://archive.org/details/mit_ocw&tab=about.

Determination of commercial vs. non-commercial purpose is based on the use, not the user. Materials may be used by individuals, institutions, governments, corporations, or other business whether for-profit or non-profit so long as the use itself is not a commercialization of the materials or a use that is directly intended to generate sales or profit.”

Therefore, as “educators” of TRUE science we dedicate some of these pages to FREELY given courses as posted by MIT, Harvard, and other universities that help the public with some true scientific learning.

All of our courses from MIT posted here under the “Creative Commons License” are TOTALLY FREE and accesible to any one who wishes to use our portal to make access of these courses as posted on the Internet.

If you wish to donate to our cause or any Open Course Ware cause you may do so freely, at your leisure.

Also, in an effort to help the world community to understand some of the difficult subjects and concepts in science, we offer tutoring services via online for any of the courses listed on our web site. Please contact us for such services at:  info@HawaiiOnLineUniversity.org.

Please note: We are NOT in any way associated with the said above universities nor their philosophies, nor their teaching beliefs. We are simply the conveyors of TRUE SCIENTIFIC learning whenever such learning reflects and mirrors our mission and purpose. Anytime, any provider of free educational Open Course Ware exceeds or strechtes or adulterates their real teachings of TRUE science, such as when they insert “evolutionary teachings” into any of their course ware, Hawaii On Line University distances itself in every form shape and philosophical belief and resoundingly refers all such teachings, as false, and as non-compliant with the True source of science and knowledge, God of the Bible, the Originator and Creator or our Universe. (Echeverria, 2017).

Other for Fee and Paid Courses

Other courses, which are not FREE or under the Creative Commons License offered by Hawaii On Line University do have a fee structure as stated under our “fees and financial aid” web page. We look forward to serving you in your educational pursuit of true science.


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