One to Two year Degrees and Certificates in the Hearing Sciences

Associate’s Degrees in the Hearing Health Sciences

Hawaii On Line University offer Certificate and degrees of Graduation for Hearing Aid Specialists

How do I become a Hearing Aid Specialist  ?

Contact your state/provincial licensing board to learn exactly what the requirements are. Each jurisdiction has unique licensing requirements. Some States will allow Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course; some do not. In both cases, our program is recommended because it provides a solid foundation.

The contact information below is provided by the individual state providing licensing and is subject to change without notice. Hawaii On Line University is providing this information for students and prospective students to be able to contact their state about licensing requirements, however your education advisor will review your state’s licensing guidelines in detail with you once you enroll as a student.

Contact the state’s licensure board or regulatory agency for exact licensure, certification, or registration requirements in your jurisdiction.

Hawaii Rules

Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter Application Deadline & Examination Dates

All applicants are required to ATTACH a photocopy of high school diploma or high school transcript or a
statement from the Department of Education certifying that the equivalent of a high school education
has been completed. In the alternative, submit a copy of diploma from an accredited college. If the
diploma is not English, please refer to the section entitled “DOCUMENTS IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE” (below) for more information.
ALL DOCUMENTS must be in English. Documents that are in a foreign language must be translated in
English. The translator must be someone other than the applicant and sign the translation.
Attach the original translation and the affidavit.


All applicants must pass the written examination of the International Hearing Society. Hawaii’s passing score is 70%.

The examination is given on Oahu. A completed application, fee and all supporting documents must be received in the department’s office at least sixty days before the date of the examination. Incomplete and/or irregular applications will not be accepted and will delay processing. Further, incomplete and/or irregular applications may cause the applicant to miss the filing deadline.

What Hawaii On Line University offers

Hawaii On Line University offers two year degrees to become a Hearing Aid Specialist. We work in conjunction with programs offered by “The International Hearing Society’s Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences courses”.

This is a distance learning method of study program for those considering a career in the hearing healthcare field and preparing for competency exams.

In addition to hands on experience and on line courses offered by the International Hearing Society (We are not in any way associated with them nor have any endorsement by them- We simply asks our students to take their online courses in addition to our comprehensive study program).

You will study math, biology as related to the ear and hearing system of humans, physics, chemistry and genetics studies with include the informational structure of the DNA of humans.

“The International Hearing Society” has complimentary courses specifically prepared for hearing aid students, that are prepared by leading practitioners and educators.

Hawaii On Line University students learn the fundamentals through the comprehensive curriculum based on core competencies of the hearing profession. The on line course corresponds and includes the following subjects:

  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Exploring Creation with Physics
  • DNA structure of the eye
  • International Hearing Society Workbooks
  • A Professional Training Workbook
  • A Single Textbook
  • An Online Learning System with:
    • 39 Lesson tests
    • Revamped final exam
    • Digital flashcards
    • Relevant articles aligned to the lessons
    • Recorded Webinar

All textbooks and work material, including preparation for tests manuals, must be purchased separately

What does the course entail?
A Besides math, biology, chemistry and physics, there is the core subject matter: Hearing specialization.

The Hearing Specialization course is made up 30 lessons. At the end of each lesson, there is a test. Lesson tests are taken online. Results can be viewed immediately so you can see which areas of weakness need to be improved upon. There are no pass/fail results on the lesson tests; just do your best. The 30 lesson tests prepare you for the cumulative final exam. 75% is a passing score on the final exam. You may re-take the final examination as many times as necessary.

Q What else should I know about the state/provincial licensing process?
A All questions surrounding licensure should be directed to your local licensing body. To help you prepare for a licensing examination, you should obtain a Study Guide to prepare for the licensing examination.



Hearing Aid Specialist/Hearing Instrument Specialist

Salary for Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS)




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