Tuition and Payment Plans

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We are NOT accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

(Caveats and Disclosure: is not an accredited instituion by the Dept of Hawaii of any other regulatory organization in the USA or in South America. We are simply a tutor oriented organization. Thank you) 

How can I afford a Tutoring Program to obtain a University Degree ?

How Much does it cost to attend Hawaii On Line University ?


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Tuition and Payment Plans

Our innovative Tuition model at Hawai’i On Line University Academy is based on a low cost per unit of credit. However, Please note that none of the textbooks are included in any tuition fees.

However, there are some textbooks provided by our university that are totally free and down loadable, such as those made available under the “Creative Commons License”. Each and every one of these FREE textbooks has been revised and or modified, in accordance with the “Creative Commons License” in order to fit our vision, mission, and educational goals. At no time will you download FREE textbooks that contain any material, philosophy or “scientific” material that is contrary to our vision and mission.

Please report to us any time you may accidentally encounter such or any textbooks. Thank you.

Tuition at Hawai’i On Line University Academy has been specifically designed on a cost per unit of credit.

For example:

Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree program courses are typically 3 to 4 semester units or credit units.

Our Doctoral courses may be 2, 3, or 4 semester credit units.

We thoroughly evaluate our valuable students before accepting them to any of our programs.

After evaluation, and or acceptance, our new students will receive an detailed enrollment agreement detailing the total tuition fees for all degree requirements.

Associate (Undergraduate) Tuition $tbd
Bachelor (Undergraduate) Tuition $tbd
Master (Graduate) Tuition $tbd
Doctoral Tuition tbd

* Employment verification is required.

No-Interest Tuition Payment Plans

Example of some universities tuition plans

Plan A: Suggested plan. 

A student could make a low and affordable initial down payment of $300.00 toward the total tuition for the degree program in a one time payment by the date you are accepted to our program, regardless of the Tutoring program, Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral. The remaining balance will be paid at easy installments of $100.00 per month, beginning 30 days from the official acceptance or enrollment date.

Please note that we do not charge any interest on the remaining amount, regardless of the amount. No interest will be charged on the unpaid balance. Nevertheless, late fees will be assessed on all past due balances, if you fail to pay your $ 100.00 monthly tuition payment.

Neither do we ask for your social security for reasons of checking on your credit. Your social security may be asked in order to report your educational expenses to the IRS, if you are a U.S.A citizen. However, you may choose to opt out of such government requirement for us, if you sing a waiver of such reporting.

If you are a foreign national you will need to send us verification of your identity via the means determined at the time of your acceptance to any of our programs.

U.S.A citizens will need to provide valuable identification every time you take a PROCTORED exam with any of the authorized proctors. We require a valid Driver’s License, a Passport, and or 2 picture ID’s to be presented with any authorized proctors in the U.S.A. or at any international location. This is for your protection so we know we are dealing with the person who registered with our institution.

Example of some universities tuition plans

Plan B:

A student may make a down payment of $300.00 toward the total tuition for a degree program in a single payment by the date of acceptance. The remaining balance will be paid at $200.00 per month, beginning one month from the official acceptance or your enrollment date. Again, No interest will be charged on the unpaid balance, however late fees will be assessed on all past due balances.

Plan C:

We do not have a provision for you to make any full amount payment. We recognize that most students want to pay for their education on a plan basis, rather than on a instant payment basis of the entire amount.

Plan D: If for some reason during your payment process you desire to go from Plan B to Plan A, we will be glad to give you and updated financial status of your debt and will proceed to allow you to go to the $ 100.00 per month installments.

Additional Financial Resources

Veterans Affairs

  • Hawai’i On Line University (HOU)’s degree programs are NOT approved to allow the payment of educational assistance benefits to veterans and other eligible persons under the programs administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Employer Reimbursement

  •  Contact your employer to see if you are eligible for financial educational assistance for unaccredited institutions like Hawaii On Line University.

Additional information on what tuition covers at Hawai’i On Line University Academy:

  • Tuition at Hawai’i On Line University Academy is based on a an extremely reasonable cost per unit of credit.
  • Please note that none of the Textbooks are included in tuition fees, unless we provide you a link to some of the FREE downloadable textbooks available to us under the “Creative Commons License.”
  • Students are permitted to enroll in a single course at any time.
  • Students inside and outside the State of Hawaii will only receive coursework and grades electronically. We will NOT SHIP any course-learning work or program or grades via regular mail to any of the above locations. This includes not shipping to any international locations as well.
  • State of Hawaii students who wish to receive any printed material or regular US Mail correspondence from us will be solely responsible for mailing costs, whether regular or special parcel shipments. The University is NOT responsible for any mail to and from the students after they have enrolled in any of our programs. For budget reasons, The university reserves the right to send any correspondence via regular mail.
  • All students are responsible to obtain their own textbooks for studying for each particular subject. Most of the time Hawai’i On Line University will provide you a convenient web site link as a recommended place to purchase any of your textbooks. This does not mean in any way, shape or form, that we endorse them or have any business or commercial relationship with them.

We will update this page as needed periodically.