Our educational and Christian views on marriage and sexuality derive from biblical teachings. These are deeply rooted in the sacred teachings of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, and ultimately reflect the wonderful relationship between Christ and The Christian Church.

As a Biblically based university, Hawai’i On Line University (HOU) honors, affirms and stands by the teaching of the Prophet Jesus, who came to earth to instruct humans, and His traditional, biblical positions on these topics by affirming marriage as a sacred union only between a man and a woman. Mathew 19:4

Furthermore, the university affirms that sexual relationships are originally designed by God to be expressed exclusively within the context of a marriage between a husband and wife, ie: between a man and a woman. Mark 10: 6-9

Marriage and sexuality should be regarded as a wonderful gift from a wise God who understands perfectly the powerful potential for the common good and maximal human flourishing.

When properly taken place and appropriately enjoyed, human sexuality bears unparalleled capacity, not only for procreation, but also for pleasure, satisfaction and the deepening of relationships.

Therefore, as a matter of morality and faithful witness, members of Hawai’i On Line University’s community is encouraged to trust what God has revealed about these matter, as clearly described in His Holy Book, and to respond and act with sensitivity, grace and compliance.