OPTL-1443- Theoretical Optics I- 1st Year Textbook

Theoretical Optics: An Introduction 2nd Edition

OPTL-1443- Theoretical Optics I- 1st Year Optometry Student Textbook

“Filling the gap between optics textbooks for students and scientific literature in optics, this revised and enlarged second edition provides a solid yet concise introduction to the topic. Starting from basic electrodynamics, it comprises nonlinear optics and light-matter interaction, as well as modern topics in quantum optics, including entanglement, cryptography, and quantum computation.
With over thirty years of experience in research and teaching theoretical optics, the author goes way beyond the scope of traditional lectures, enabling readers to keep up with the current state of knowledge. Both in terms of content and presentation, this is essential reading for graduate and PhD students and a valuable reference for researchers”.