How are Donations Used?


We welcome your donations. We are in urgent need of donations if we are to start on September of 2019.

We are accepting physical and intellectual donations at this time.

All donations are used to support our programs for the benefit of our students. Some of the ways the funds are used include:


• Sponsoring a tuition scholarship for a child at Hawai’i On Line University and Hawaii True Science Academy

  • Sponsored student may be located in Hawaii, South America or any where in the world

• Provide financial assistance to allow a student in need to study the Sciences, and other Languages in the U.S.A. South America or any where else in the world

• Purchasing textbooks, computers, and classroom materials for students in any of our programs.

  • Some of the purchases are dedicated to classrooms in South America, either in Cuenca, Guayaquil or the Coast in Ecuador where we teach as well

• Hiring qualified teaching professionals in order to provide the highest quality of education for all of our local and International students

• Making building improvements to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for our students to thrive in.

  • Since our classes are primarily held On Line for Hawaii and other international Students, any building improvements funds are funneled towards virtual infrastructure and classes in Maui, Hawaii, and Ecuador, South America.

Or, your kind donation can be directed toward something within our mission and vision, that you feel passionate about. Let us know how you want your donation directed, please.


Thank you


Fred Echeverria

Hawaii On Line University

Hawaii School of True Science