Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering & Bio-Molecular

Tutoring Program *

Chemical Engineering majors must earn a grade of C- or better in all engineering, mathematics, and science courses. No grade lower than C- will be accepted on any courses transferred to any accredited university.

Students must earn, at least a 2.25 grade point average in all courses and in Chemical Engineering major courses. A major grade point average of 2.00 or better is required for graduation. The major grade point average is calculated using all Chemical Engineering courses.

Completion of all the chemistry courses at any accredited University in this degree plan, may qualify you for graduation in the chemical engineering department of sciences with a minor in chemistry. Please check with your advisor at your accredited university.

Usually, You must file an official minor degree plan in the major department in the Spring semester of the Junior year. Prerequisites and/or corequisites must be met, including all Science-Creation courses.

NOTE: The following 4-year degree plan applies to full-time on line students. Working or part time on-line students with any University may need more than four years to complete their degree requirements. Please contact your academic advisor if you want to discuss how your working schedule may affect your graduation.

  • * All courses shown here are subject to change
  • Elective choices will be posted soon
Year 1 Fall Semester
ENGI 1100 Introduction to Chemical Engineering. How to succeed in Hawaii On Line University courses. 1
CHEM 1111 Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab I. 1
CHEM 1331 Exploring Creation with Chemistry. Fundamentals of Chemistry I 3
ENGL 1303 Freshman English Composition. I 3
MATH 1431 Calculus I 4
HOUE 1336 Elective- Creation Course 3
Total Hours 15
Year 1 Spring Semester
ENGI 1331 Computing for Engineers 3
CHEM 1112 Fundamental of Chemistry Lab II 1
CHEM 1332 Exploring Creation with Chemistry II. Fundamentals of Chemistry II 3
ENGL 1304 English Composition II 3
MATH 1432 Calculus II 4
PHYS 1321 University Physics I (Exploring Creation with Physics I 3
Total Hours 17
Year 2 Fall Semester
CHEE 2331 Chemical Processes 3
CHEM 3331 Fundamentals of Organic. Chemistry I

Exploring Creation with Organic Chemistry I

MATH 2433 Calculus III 4
HOUE 2337 Electives- Creation Course 3
HIST 2377 History of Science and the Modern Conflict with Reality and Facts 3
Total Hours 16
Year 2 Spring Semester
CHEE 2332 Chemical Engineering-  Thermodynamics I 3
CHEE 3300 Materials Science & Chemical and Other Engineering I 3
CHEM 3221 Fundamental of Organic Chem. Lab II 2
CHEM 3332 Exploring Creation with Organic Chemistry II. Fundamentals of Organic Chem. II 3
HOU-SC 2304 Science- Creation Elective 3
CHEE 3321 Exploring Creation with Chemistry- Advanced. Analytical Methods for Chemical Engineers 3
Total Hours 17
Year 3 Fall Semester
CHE 3333 Exploring Creation with Thermodynamics II. Chemical Engineering and Thermodynamics II 3
CHEE 3334 Statistical/Numerical Techniques 3
CHEE 3363 Fluid Mech. for Chemical Engineering 3
PHYS 1322 University Physics II 3
ECON 2304 Microeconomic Principles 3
HOUE TBD Advanced Chemistry Elective 3
Total Hours 18
Year 3 Spring Semester
CHEE 3367 Exploring Creation with Chemistry Processes and Models/Control 3
CHEE 3369 Exploring Creation with Chemical Engineering Transport Process 3
CHEE 3462 Science Rotating Elective 4
CHEE 3466 Biology & Physical Chemistry Processes 4
Total Hours 14
Year 4 Fall Semester
CHEE 4321 Chemical Engineering Design I 3
CHEE 4361 Chemical Engineering Practices 3
CHEE 4366 Biochemical Engineering and Genetics Engineering 3
CHEE 4367 Chemical Reactions Engineering. 3
HOU-E 1378 Rotating Science Elective 3
HOUE 4338 Elective- Rotating Science Elective 3
Total Hours 18
Year 4 Spring Semester
CHEE 4322 Chemical Engineering Design II 3
HOUE 4339 Rotating Science Elective 3
HOUE 4340 Rotating Science Elective 3
HOUE 4450 Advanced Science Elective- Rotating Course 3
HOUE 4460 Humanities Core- Chemistry and Human Science 3
Total Hours 15

Total Bachelor’s Undergraduate Hours: 130

Rotating Electives

Science and Common Sense

Science and Issues of Origins

Science and Geology

Science and Radiometric Dating

Science and the Fossils

Science – Was there really a Global Flood ? and the Flood of Noah

Science and Problems with the Big Bang

Science and Our Universe of Wonder

Biological Science and Creation

Science and the Issues of Life

Science and Intelligent Design

Science and Molecular Biology

Science and Natural Selection