Caveats & Conditions of Acceptance

Caveats & Conditions of Acceptance

Doctoral and or Biblical Studies, are Rigorous studies. We do not study any particular religion or religious conviction. Do not assume that a religion or a particular branch or conviction of Christianity will be studied or given preference in these studies. We are an Bible based, theology educational school.

If you are offended by the idea that the “Trinity” is being discussed and or studied here, as understood by other religious leaders, and or scientific figures such as Newton and others, you may want to reconsider your studies.

Any degree leading up to a doctoral degree with Hawaii On Line University College of the Bible is a rigorous, dispassionate study of the Scriptures as found since the beginning of its writings.  We study facts, not religion. We study the earliest, most extant versions of papyrus and or manuscripts of the Bible, as preserved by chance or divine will. We do this in order to arrive at a scholarly non-religious, understanding of the Bible.

Anything less than this approach would be considered a washed down approach of a doctoral degree in any of the subjects discussed here.

Our Aim: Doctorate and or any other Degree Program offered under our Online Education Program will equip you with the proper training to serve better  your ministry or your professional life and to gain knowledge on a higher educational level in the apologetics and biblical history.