Master’s Program Free Tuition

FREE TUITION -Master’s Program *See conditions bellow

TIME TO COMPLETION: IT MAY TAKE BETWEEN 2 TO 4 YEARS, OR MORE to complete this program. (It may take less of more, depending on your own progress)

TUITION- FREE (See conditions)

The only thing you have to pay for is, Registration:

The cost to register for this program is $ 100 US dollars. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee. Please be sure to read and verify that you will want to engage in this program of study- before you pay for this Registration Fee.

Free Cost of the Program:

This is a rigorous study, rigorous research and rigorous investigative program that will prepare you as in any other university in the world.

You MUST pass each course, and all written assignments with a minimum of 80%. All rules of English, Syntax, Grammar and punctuation will be CAREFULLY graded before you obtain a passing grade. (Contrary to nay-Sayers, we are NOT a Diploma Mill).

We are a learning institution that requires you to study and carefully research the program/subject matter as in any other Ivy League or Reputable university in the world.


Cost to obtain certification that you have completed and graduated with a Master’s degree will be $ 3,200 US dollars.

Graduation exercises costs, if any at our home base in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii will be decided at time of your and date of commencement or graduation ceremonies. (This costs- is absorbed by you, the student, and may include costs for your air-fare, your hotel stay, you graduation dinner and ceremonies at a determined place in the vicinity of our university).

Note Important: Tuition and or registration DOES NOT include any core or electives textbooks. Does not include any seminars with Harvard University or any other universities. (These and all electives costs must be paid by you).

All textbook or additional material must be purchased by you, at your desired book distributor or if you like via