Fees & Financial Aid Information

We are a private university.

We look forward to having science and knowledge hungry students apply at Hawaii On-Line University in order to realize their dreams of success.

Hawaii On-Line University Hawaii On-Line University prepares you to be the best in your field. So if you have the potential, then nothing can stop you from realizing your goals. We can tutor you in the Sciences in order to achieve success. It is all up to you.

Regarding Tutoring Help and FREE Courses Offered by other


All FREE courses under the “Creative Commons License” from Online Course Ware from various other universities are, of course, COMPLETELY FREE.

However, under the Creative Commons License we are allowed to help you if you need assistance

with any of such courses.

We will gladly TUTOR you on any class: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computers, etc.

Our tutoring fees are $ 45.00 dollars USD per hour. We only accept credit card payments for such transactions.

Any educational credit obtained via FREE courses, of course are totally FREE. However, credits obtained will need to be incorporated into your transcripts and into your program degree by any school you apply to.

Grants & Foundations

Financing Options

Financial Aid:

We do not offer any financial aid for out tutoring services

Corporate Tuition Assistance

Deferred – If your company reimburses you for the cost of your education, you submit your tutoring grades to your employer who pays you, and then you pay for your classes.

Connect with Us to Find out More

Contact one of our Admissions Counselors for more information by email: info@hawaiionlineuniversity.org

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Graduation Information

Check our calendar of events for graduation information.

Online learning

With several programs available for enrolling each year, On Line learning is a part of the University that can benefit you throughout your adult life. It offers a growing number of online courses, meaning you can study at Hawaii On-Line University wherever you are in the world.

Remember Hawaii On-Line University students are entitled to a 10% discount on course fees when booking any on line course. This includes day schools, weekends, weekly classes and online courses, and home school courses at our sister institution www.HawaiiTrueScience.org Academy.

Summer Programmes

Every July and August, the International Programmes team at HOU organises a variety of open-access (some free) online taught by leading Hawaii On-Line University academics and guest subject specialists. These programmes attract adults of all ages and backgrounds from across the globe. You can apply for one of the Colleges.

Executive Education

An alternative model of learning is our Executive Education training at the Hawaii On-Line University Business and Engineering School, which designs and delivers high impact leadership and management development programmes to professionals and organisations from around the world. The Open Programmes portfolio (some for free) for University of Hawaii On-Line University alumni is now avaialble.

Multifunctional Gymnasium

We are an entirely virtual university.

However, we operate out of one of the most beautiful places to relax if you would like to visit our Islands.

Come and visit our Islands of Hawaii where you can encounter a “multifunctional gymnasium” at each one of the

Beaches of beautiful Maui, Honolulu, or see how the earth was formed and is continually forming new land at our Big Island of Hawaii. Discover history, and discover that our Islands are not “billions of years old” but rather new, just at the Bible states.

Here in Hawaii you will find the most colorful “Multifunctional Gymnasium” of the entire world. You can hike Maui, Diamond Head, visit Hana in Maui, or take a helicopter ride and visit the lava flows of the Big Islands of Hawaii. Come an “play” in the land of the old timer Hawaiiana who used their beaches and their land to live as if they were in an eternal paradise.


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